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Blue Creek Estates – Tract 8 – 2.2 acres


County, Kentucky



Located in the Buck Creek area of Pulaski County, off Hail Bend Road, this property offers the life that only you can dream of. Whether you are looking to live "off the grid", or just as a nice "get-away" retreat, you will not be disappointed. Tract sizes vary from 1.5acre to 7acre parcels with a total of 21 tracts.

Full description:

Located in the Buck Creek area of Pulaski County, off Hail Bend Road, this property offers the life that only you can dream of. Whether you are looking to live “off the grid”, or just as a nice “get-away” retreat, you will not be disappointed. Tract sizes vary from 3 acres to 10 acres parcels. Blue Creek will be your haven to kick back and not have the worries of anyone ruffling your feathers you while you are enjoying your peace and quiet of outdoor relaxation. The property boasts two trails located at the end of the development that will lead you to the waters of Buck Creek, where you will have the opportunities to lose yourself in fishing, spend hours kayaking, or just for a stroll to clear your mind. All tranquil. All natural. All wonderful.

If you are an enthusiast of Mother Nature’s bountiful glories, Blue Creek Estates’ land is filled with beautiful wildlife. Pack your binoculars and enjoy your scenery, as most of these even come with a view of Buck Creek from your backyard. If you’re an Arborist, this hidden gem is full of white oak, chestnut oak, red maple, and poplar trees.

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  • Lexington – 90 miles
  • Burnside – 45 miles
  • Somerset – 30 miles
  • Boat ramp – 15 miles

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Tract # Acres Price Financing Features Water / Electric Monthly Payment
8 2.20ac $49,900 Contact Us this tract has amazing view of Buck Creek

and offers nice lot to build on.

Hail Meece Rd. 20yrs @ 9.99%=$481/mo

25yrs @ 9.99%=$453/mo

Covenants and Restrictions

The following covenants and restrictions apply to the properties:

All lots in the Blue Creek Estates shall be subject to the following restrictions:

1. Each lot shall be known and described as a residential lot and is restricted for residential use and shall not be used for any commercial purpose or other purpose.
2. Each lot shall be restricted to single-family residences and the necessary garage or storage buildings used incident thereto.
3. All exterior structures/outbuildings shall be erected in the area to the rear of the residence to the back property line only and must be of a similar material as the main residence.
4. 15-foot side set back line.
5. 75-foot front set back line.
6. No mobile homes (single-wide, double-wide, etc.) of any kind shall be placed upon the property. Modular homes shall be permitted to be installed on the property and must be attached to a permanent foundation.
7. 800 square feet of living space minimum, excluding garages, carports, porches and decks.
8. All structures shall be completed within twelve (12) months from the date of commencement of construction.
9. All fences shall be constructed of commercial materials intended for the purpose of fencing or shall be made of wood and be kept in good repair. Fences are not to be constructed in the area between the front exterior walls and the street or road on which the dwelling faces.
10. No inoperable, unroadworthy or junk vehicles permitted on the premises.
11. No commercial vehicles shall be stored on the premises unless they are stored inside garages.
12. All gardens, except for decorative landscaping, outside clotheslines or poles, children’s’ playhouses, tree houses, satellite signal reception devices and radio and television towers shall be constructed only to the rear of the dwellings.
13. Camper Trailers and recreational vehicles are not permitted on the premises for more than 120 days each calendar year unless they are stored inside garages.
14. No vehicles are to be parked on the street overnight.
15. Tents or similar temporary structures are not permitted for residential use.
16. All driveways must be made of white rock or of better.
17. All lots are to be kept in a neat, clean and well-maintained manner; free of clutter, trash and debris.
18. All property owners must share equally in the expense of maintaining the roads and keeping them in functioning order and clear of debris.
19. All sanitary, sewage and plumbing facilities shall be conformity with the Kentucky State Health Department regulations and additions and amendments thereto.
20. No obnoxious or offensive conditions or nuisances shall be permitted on this property;
21. No roadways or thoroughfares shall be constructed through any tract except with written permission of Five Star Acres, LLC.
22. No swine, livestock, fowl or other like animals are permitted on the premises.
23. Dog kennels are not permitted on the premises. For the purpose of these restrictions, three or more dogs shall constitute a dog kennel.
24. Any dwelling damaged by fire, windstorm or other casualty shall be repaired and restored to its original state or better, within 180 days from date of such occurrence, or substantial progress shall have been made within such time and the project shall be completed within 20 work days thereafter. If said dwelling cannot be so repaired or restored, then all necessary steps will be taken to remove the damaged dwelling from the lot within said time limit.
25. Individual lot owners shall be responsible for cleaning roadways in front and/or adjacent to their respective lots during the construction.
26. Electrical in house services may only be connected as determined by the utility provider.
27. If mailboxes are installed by any lot owner, the said homeowner shall first contact the U. S. Postal Service to determine where said box shall be located and the installation of said mailboxes shall be pursuant to all rules, regulations and directives of the U. S. Postal Service.
28. Any mailboxes shall be kept in good condition and harmony with home.
29. Invalidation of any one of these restrictions by judgment or court order shall in no way affect any of the other provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.
30. Wherever the term “lot” is used in these restrictions, the same shall mean the parcel designated as a certain lot deeded by the Grantor herein, and if a lot and a portion of another lot has been deeded, the entire parcel shall be considered as a lot.
31. Enforcement shall be by proceedings at law or in equity against any persons violating or attempting to violate any restrictions either to restrain violation or to recover damages.
32. Each and every lot owner has the right to protest, and if necessary, is legally empowered to enforce any violation of all restrictions; provided, however, that if any front or side set back line shown on the plat is inadvertently violated, the developer may, in his discretion, waive such violation without the necessity of obtaining the approval of all lot owners in said subdivision. In the event of death, incompetence, or inability of developer to waive same, the said violation may be waived by the lot owners whose property fronts on the same street and whose side lines adjoin the property in question.

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