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Dye Knob - Casey County, KY

Dye Knob


Casey County, KY



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Dye’s Knob is a hunter’s paradise. Located just 1.5 miles from Green River Knob where a Boone and Crockett buck was killed in 2016, this property has the potential to produce monster bucks. The property also offers several building sites that would be perfect for a small cabin or home or you could simply set up a camper. Electric is available on the property and restrictions are limited. Trails run all around the knob, so even if you’re not a hunter, you will be able to enjoy the natural wildlife and relax away from the hustle and bustle of more suburban areas. This tract would be a perfect tract for a farming or homesteading operation!



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Covenants and Restrictions

The following covenants and restrictions apply to the properties:

1. No swine, livestock, fowl, or other like animals are permitted to be kept on any lot in commercial
capacity. Personal homesteading and farming will limit a landowner to 1
(one) cow per acre, 2 (two) calves per acre, 1 (one) horse per acre of fenced in pasture.

2. MOBILE HOMES. No mobile homes are permitted to be kept on any lot. except those attached to a
permanent foundation. Bottoms must be underpinned or covered to prevent sight of footers.

3. Any live wells plumbed on the property must be retained in the case of a foreclosure

4. No dumping of any sewage or waste materials is permitted on any lot, other than in compliance with
applicable Kentucky laws and regulations.

5. No junk vehicles or other vehicle with are not road or water worthy or are otherwise inoperable are
permitted to be kept on any lot.

6. COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. No commercial vehicles shall be permitted to be kept on any lot.

7. All burned or damaged property must be removed from a lot within 60 days of the date on
which the fire or other damage occurred.

8. Each Owner is responsible for keeping all roads clear of debris and in functional order.

9. No noxious or offensive conditions or nuisances shall be permitted on any lot.

10. Each Owner is responsible for keeping each lot clear of debris, trash, and other clutter.

11.Single family home permitted per 5 (Five) acres.

12.No more than 20% of total trees on any tract may be cut down in order to build or gain access. Trees
rotting or leaning may be cut for safety purposes.

13. Open fields must be maintained and no become overgrown, ie not taller than 24 inches unless being
used as hay.

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