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Pine Tree Estates - Wayne County, KY

Pine Tree Estates


Wayne County, KY



Wayne County Kentucky

Pine Tree Estates located in Wayne County, KY is a quaint area overlooking part of Lake Cumberland. This is a quiet, secluded area that boasts water and electrical utilities available along the road front. Pine Tree Estates also has 3 boat ramps located in the immediate area with the furthest one being 5 miles away, which is sure to be a necessity for water enthusiast. If its fishing, wake boarding, boating or just a beautiful view that you’re after, Pine Tree Estates has all of that and more.

Pine Tree Estates is also convenient to several area attractions including, Wolf Creek Dam, Indian Hills Resort and Marina, and Haney’s Appledale Farm. Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp is also located in the area. This camp is the larges 4-H camp in the state! It contains six miles of shoreline in its 1500 acres of rolling hills and forested land and provides areas for riflery, archery, canoeing/kayak and fishing, football and basketball. There are also miles of nature trails to hike as well as a cave to explore – truly an exciting place for any camper, volunteer or mentor. All of these are nearby and offer an array of activities for any season. You’ll be able to enjoy the serenity of nature without being far from all the modern conveniences offered by city life.

Lots in Pine Tree Estates range from approximately .30 – 1.0 acres. Areas are semi-densely wooded and give a great privacy and wind barrier from the lake. Water and electric utilities available at road fronts. Exterior and Interior road lots available for purchase.

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Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp: 4 Miles
Wolf Creek Dam: 46 miles
Mill Springs battlefield: 16 miles
Haney’s Apple Farm: 17 miles
Pulaski County Park: 19 miles
Indian Hills Resort/Marina: 26 miles
Closest grocery Store: 16 miles



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Tract # Acres Price Financing Monthly Payment View Tract
C-22 .41 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
C-21 .39 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
C-20 .39 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo  View Tract
C-19 .42 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo  View Tract
A-16 .53 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! SOLD!
A-17 .51 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! SOLD!
A-18  .40 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
A-19  .40 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
A-20  .41 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
A-25 .45 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
A-26 .44 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
A-27  .49 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
A-28 .46 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
A-29 .50 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
A-30 .54 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
A-31 .47 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
E-12  .52 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
E-11  .50 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
E-10 .51 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
D-12 .52 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
D-13 .50 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
D-16 .50 Pending Contact Us Pending View Tract
D-17  .51 Pending Contact Us Pending View Tract
D-18  .46 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
D-19 .41 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
D-20  .54 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
B-54  .54 $15,000 Contact Us $145/mo View Tract
B-53 .54 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
B-52 .70 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
B-51  .69 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
B-50 .70 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
99  .62 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
100 .43 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
101 .56 SOLD! Contact Us SOLD! View Tract
102 .85 SOLD!
Contact Us  SOLD! View Tract

***Disclaimer: Tract acreages are according to PVA. Tracts are sold per plats.Pine Tree Estates Restrictions:

This property is conveyed specifically SUBJECT to the following restrictions and covenants which should and shall be deemed as COVENANTS RUNNING WITH THE LAND:

No junk vehicles of any kind shall be kept upon the premises.
All houses erected upon any lot in the said subdivision shall have a minimum of 800 square feet of living area ex­ clusive of the garage and
All trailers erected upon the premises must have closed foundations; must be underpinned; and must be of a size of not less than 10 feet by 50 feet; and must have a market value of not less than $1,500.00 when placed upon the premises.
Temporary dwellings or temporary buildings shall not remain upon the premises of any lot for a period exceeding six
All dwellings erected in the subdivision must conform with Kentucky Department of Health regulations current with the date of conveyance of said
Any driveways or entranceways constructed upon the premises must be so constructed as not to impede or di­ vert the flow of
Said restrictions shall inure and be binding upon the party of the second part herein, its successors and assigns, forever.

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