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Beginners Guide to Buying a Vacant Rural Lot

You may have passed a vacant land on your way to work today or on the way to the grocery store. You may have been passing the same vacant land for years and thought to yourself how undervalued it is. Vacant lands that just sit there are a waste and many investors see this. While others see a barren land, the right investors see a golden opportunity. Do you share the same mentality? Before you dive into investing in vacant land, it’s best to arm yourself with ample knowledge about its pros and cons and other considerations. 


Vacant land is a plot that’s not been developed or prep for any construction. Even then, there’s an increasing demand for vacant land because its value appreciates over time. Typically, investing in land is a safe bet. However, not the only reason why you should be looking at vacant lands as a good investment opportunity. 

Benefits to investing in vacant land

There are always risks to land investment but as we always say, the rewards outweigh the risks. The key to successful land investment is to make sure that you understand your options, have a planned exit strategy, and have done your research. Below are more advantages to vacant land investing

Freedom to put the land to its best use

Having your land with nothing in it gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want with it. You can start from the ground up depending on what’s the best use for the land. You can get creative as much as you want. Still, you need to remember the zoning and the limitations of the land. Make sure to check with the local government or ask your real estate agent about the zoning requirements of the land before you buy it. That aside, buying vacant land is more affordable than other properties. It also has a lower property tax and fees compared to developed lands. 

Less maintenance and competition

Unlike other properties, vacant lands are far easier to manage since it requires less maintenance. Other expenses such as the rental, the plumbing, repairs, and related costs don’t apply to vacant lands. Since there are no buildings and structures, your land is also free from possible vandalism. Compared to residential real estate, there’s less competition for vacant land. With fewer investors, you have higher chances of getting the prime location at an affordable price. 


Investing in land is a huge decision regardless if you’re an experienced investor or not. You can’t decide on a snap. Before you buy the vacant land, you must do your due diligence. It’s important to have a clear goal in mind. Determine what you want to do with the land and start planning from there. Even with experience, it’s still better to ask for help from expert and professional real estate agents. They know the ins and outs of investing in vacant lands. They can present to you not only the pros but also the cons of buying vacant land. The knowledge will help you make an informed decision.

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